Unfortunate Misunderstanding

Unfortunate Misunderstanding was originally published on heartmyfigure by Leta A.

It is very unfortunate that you assume my body shape automatically comes with low confidence.

It is sad that society has conformed a mentality that if your pants size is not a single digit “it’s time to lose weight.”

It is a great misunderstanding that if one is big that are unhealthy, but the greater misunderstanding is automatically assuming weighing less secures healthiness.

It is very offensive for one to assume that my weight limits me from doing everything a person of “average weight” can do.

It is ignorant to assume my potential work ethic based on my appearance.

It is pathetic of one to date a plus size person assuming we have no standards and will accept any treatment because no one else will love us.

The facts of the matter are….

Plus size people a lot of times carry high levels of confidence because we know that we are expected to be sad and miserable.

Plus size people don’t focus on the size on the label, but the comfort of the fit.

Plus size people can be some of the most active people despite the assumption that we are all lazy.

Plus size people can often do things that average people can not,  so do not limit us to or less than only those things that “average people” are capable of doing.

Plus size people work harder in the workplace because we are expected to not actively contribute.

Plus size people have the capability to attract any size partner that an “average size” person can. We have to know our worth and we also demand respect. Therefore, do not assume you can not and will not be replaced if you do not give us the respect and love we deserve.

It is sad that so many stigmas are placed on the plus size community, but it is a unfortunate misunderstanding  assuming we have to accept them

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