Meet Lex

The founder of PSP is a cool girl from the east side of Detroit, whose passions don’t end (or begin) with The Plus Size Problem. Alexis is the owner of Whatever Enterprises llc, a family of creative brands that works with small businesses to create the brand(s) of their dreams. Lex is also the co-founder of the Whatever Foundation, which provides creative outlets for students in underprivileged communities. Though all these ventures existed prior to PSP, she still felt it was necessary for PSP to exist. Lex has been fighting the stigma of being plus size her entire life, and one night she became fed up with the problems everyone had with her weight and created PSP.

Meet Leta A.

Seleta Andrews also known as Leta A has ALWAYS been a live wire. She’s been plus size and funny all my life. Her size has never effected her confidence or held me back from doing anything she wanted to do. Leta has never feared being social and meeting new people. she just wants to see people laugh, have a good time and enjoy life.

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