First Day In (The Gym)

“You need to lose weight,” they said.

“Your health is important to you, isn’t it?”

So you go to the gym and try to step your healthy living game up. That first day goes one of two ways:

1. You walk in, look around, size up the machines and take a deep breath. You plug in your headphones and dive in. You jump from machine to machine and rock it like a pro. You convince yourself you can do this everyday; it’s not so bad.


2. You walk in to a somewhat unfamiliar place. You notice all the other people who are clearly regulars and realize you about to stick out like a sore thumb. Already somewhat intimidated you enter the gym and begin to workout. Although you are unconsciously worried about who’s watching you, you continue to exercise. As the end of your workout nears you question how often you plan to return.

I would say when I joined my gym, it went more like number one. I walked in and knew I was there for me and my health. I put my headphones in and tuned everybody else out. I worked at my own pace and figured out which machines agreed with me lol.

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle you have to go at your own pace. No one should intimidate you because living healthy is not a competition, but a way of life. So kudos to you, whomever you are, for loving yourself enough to be better. Oh and remember to love yourself at every stage of your body.

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