“Don’t excuse my belly

Originally published on heartmyfigure by Leta A.

Why is that when plus size women take photos they cover their stomachs or say excuse my belly? Why are you apologizing for who you are?

Even if, as a plus size woman (or plus size person in general), you are trying to lose weight  and get rid of your belly, you should still embrace the body you currently have. You should be confident in who you are and what you look like no matter what. Your outer appearance does not define who you are on the inside. When you take pictures or record videos, hold your head high, put on that pretty smile, and embrace that body and all that it comes with. If somebody likes you for you then they will accept you no matter what stage of your body you are in.

Ain’t no body shaming this way honey. Either you take me as I am now, or regret what you missed out on later. I promise we will not be losing sleep either way. Don’t look for me to cover my stomach, or say wait let me suck it in when I take a pic. Let’s be real just because you cover it up doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Maybe the weight will drop one day, but until then be you and do you!

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