Awesome Fat Girls Rules: ATLANTA

Originally Published by Shawna Haden titled “#AFTravelWhileFAT-JUSTDOIT!~”  on AFGR101

 It took me 11 whole years to get back on a plane, my first trip out of state that I had to fly was January 2017 to Florida. That week was a lot of first in 11 years for me and once I decided that my lack of a passport was going to be the only thing after loosing 200lbs (so far) to stop me I’ve been on the move ever since.

*Welcomeeeeeeeeeeee to ATLANTA ~2017*

1st Stop #HotelPool 

I went out of my way to show my curves in the most comfortable way I could, I felt strong and sexy so I had to #flickitup !! 

 Next Stop- #Sightseeing in my #supercool fedora and mirrored sunshades I decided it was time to step all the way out the box with my #coolflow 

 We MADE IT !! To the one stop I had to see the #GAAquarium this 10 million gallon long awesome tourist spot was full of #WhaleSharks and awesome attractions and plenty of people and I was all for the #walking #exploring and #gasssssssppppp #mydenimjumpsuit <3 

 It’s nothing better than a party and I spent both Friday and Saturday night living it up in the “A” we hit #BoogalouLounge Friday night for some great happy hour drinks and hookah and of course I can’t forget to mention………………………


 Saturday night we dressed it up a bit more and hit the Capital Grille Atlanta for a snazzy dinner and Josephines Lounge for dancing and drinks. 


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